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Compare business gas prices to get a cheaper deal

Signing up to the cheapest business gas prices is a quick and effective way of lowering your company’s energy bills, but sometimes it can be difficult to get your head around the market.

It’s a problem that many SMEs face, and Ofgem’s latest stats estimate that more than half of Britain’s businesses could cut their bills simply by switching to a cheaper deal. However, with various suppliers imposing different rules on the energy contracts they offer to small firms, it’s not surprising that confusion leaves many businesses struggling to understand how to switch to the best prices.

The good news is that’s free service is here to make that as easy as possible. We’re able to help SMEs cut their bills in the space of one quick phone call, scanning the market for quotes from a large number of different business gas suppliers to get the best deal for you.

Once our savings experts have compared business gas prices to find you the cheapest rates, we’ll even set up the contract to save your company as much time and money as possible.

And we won’t stop there. Next time your business’s gas contract is set to expire, we’ll get back in touch to arrange a new deal and ensure you aren’t automatically placed on your supplier’s more expensive rates. That way, your business never has to pay over the odds for its gas again. Call 0800 188 4930 today to start saving.