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Average business gas and electricity consumption

When running a business, cost cutting becomes a never ending task. But, when it comes to reducing your business’s average energy consumption, many business owners find it difficult to pin-point exactly how much energy they should be using - which can be difficult to understand if there’s opportunity to save on your business energy costs.

To help, we have complied a list of average business energy consumption figures so you better understand how your usage could be impacting on your costs.

Average energy usage for businesses

Knowing what is classed as ‘normal’ for a business of your size is one way that you can understand if your business energy consumption is above average.

The table below can help you understand how much other businesses of a similar size use. By comparing these figures to your own average business energy bills you can start to identify opportunities to save. For help navigating your energy bill, see our guide to business energy bills page.   

Business size by employees

Business size by revenue

Average business electricity consumption

Average business gas consumption

0 – 10

£0 - £1,400,000

5,000 kWh – 15,000 kWh

5,000 kWh – 15,000 kWh

11 – 50

£1,400,000 - £7,000,000

15,000 kWh – 25,000 kWh

15,000 kWh – 30,000 kWh

51 – 250

£7,000,000 - £36,000,000

30,000 kWh – 50,000 kWh

30,000 kWh – 65,000 kWh

251 +

£36,000,000 +

50,000 kWh +

65,000 kWh +

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If you find that your business energy consumption is above average for your size, then this will no doubt translate into additional costs. Fortunately there are a number of things that you can do to reduce the average amount that your business spends on energy. However, it's important to remember that the figures given above are only intended a guide. Each business is unique it's consumption habits, and your own operations may mean that you naturally consume more energy than the averages given above. 

Reducing your average business energy consumption

It will come as no surprise that the more energy your business uses, the more costly your next bill will be. With this in mind, it seems logical that your first step in reducing your business’s average energy spend is by taking measures to reduce your average business energy usage.

These measures can be as simple as providing posters to prompt your staff to  switch off lights, or more costly options like upgrading to more energy efficient equipment. You can even go a step further and modify your premises, to improve insulation or maximise natural light. However, this will take considerable investment and is usually only an option for businesses who own their premises.

If you're unsure, the gov.uk energy efficiency guide is available to help you find a solutuion that's right for you. But, remember, any up front cost can often be recouperated over time with the savings that you make. 

If cost is your main motivation for wanting to reduce your business’s energy consumption then we recommended also running a business energy comparison. By doing so you can secure a better price per unit for your business, you can reduce the amount that you’re paying even further.

To start your own business energy comparison, call 0800 188 4930 to speak to one of our business savings experts today.

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